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Repair Photoshop PSD Document

It is a common scenario which daily Photoshop user faces generally when their Photoshop psd file damages. It is really very frustrating when all your hard work and efforts to design a project vanishes in ether. PSD stands for Photoshop Document. One can not only perform designing task, but also can edit existing photos, create animated character and desktop background pictures, etc. Adobe System, the developer of Photoshop’s edition released the latest version of Photoshop. Photoshop CS6 is the recent updated edition of Photoshop. Adobe’s user friendly interface makes Photoshop the most popular designing toolkit being used by majority of the professionals.

There are various reasons that can cause damage to Photoshop PSD documents. Consider a situation which makes you face an awkward position. Nothing can be more annoying, when late in the evening you need to submit your project, and your PSD file gets damaged. Out of wide reasons, one reason can be locking of your file. It may happen that while looking to access a file after saving, it displays certain error messages.

Relax and take deep breathe. Here is an ultimate solution for your problem, now you can fix damaged Photoshop files on your local machines using this Photoshop PSD file repair utility. This software undergoes a thorough scanning to repair Photoshop PSD document that got damaged thereby providing you a preview option which helps you to view the repaired files prior to saving.

Suppose your Windows have Adobe Photoshop CS3 edition, and while working your workflow gets distracted as the document gets damaged. You no more need to keep combing on how to repair Photoshop CS3 files. You just need to launch this utility into your system and follow the steps to fix Photoshop PSD file.

Common scenarios that leads to damage of PSD files:

Virus Attack: If there are any malware or virus in your system, then it proves to be a threat to all your important files and folders. Strong viruses damage your files including .psd files if a genuine antivirus is not installed in your system.

System Crash: There are different edition for Photoshop. Suppose you are installing CS4 edition of Photoshop, and certainly your system crashed down thereby causing damage to the Photoshop data that were stored in your system. Later whenever you try opening your Photoshop software, you get an error message alert displayed on your screen. This application can act as Photoshop setup.exe error repair tool to carry out Photoshop PSD file repair after facing errors.

Source File Issue: Sometimes, improper use of the adobe Photoshop software damages your source file. If in case your source file gets damaged very seriously than your all psd photos refuse to open up. This utility can even repair such serious errors.

Disk Error: Upon working with Photoshop,  there may be situations where your work flow gets disturbed which may alert pop up messages like “Could not complete this operation as the file is of unknown format”. This happens mainly due to disk errors. The defective disk drive may result into damaged pixels.

Precautions to be maintained:

Always prefer using a registered antivirus in your system, to keep it bug free. Always make a copy of your file from the network and then save the file onto your PC. Better stop working with your PC when you notice a psd file is crashed, which prevents overwriting of files.

Attracting Features of the software:

  • It’s high-end technology and modules are able to repair Photoshop PSD documents.
  • The advanced technology used with this software helps you in fixing corrupted .psd file without modifying the original file. This tool also repairs broken PSD file with this tool, click on the link provided here to have a complete glimpse about broken PSD file repair:
  • Fixes .psd file even from bad sector on your local machine or external hard drive.
  • By using Photoshop PSD file repair tool, user can even repair PSD files that are not opening on PowerPoint application. To read more about this refer this
  • It supports PDD file repair, and  fixes PSD images with utmost precision that may be in the depth of 1, 8, 16, 32 bits per channel.
  • Fixes blending mode issues of PSD images and uncompressed or RLE compressed PSD files.
  • This tool can easily repair CS4 Photoshop file in a very simple steps.

Steps to fix Photoshop PSD file:

Step: 1 Firstly, download and install PSD file repair software into your PC, for that you will have to log in as Local System Administrator

Step: 2 Secondly, use browse button to select any particular PSD file or folder that you may need to repair. Choose the Repair button to repair photoshop PSD document.

Photoshop PSD File Repair - Main Screen

Step: 3 A new window will get opened which shows the repairing process

Photoshop PSD File Repair - Repaired Files

Step: 4 When the repairing process is over, you can also preview the repaired file in another window and after that you can choose a new destination where you wish to save the repaired file.

Photoshop PSD File Repair - Saving Screen