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Software to Repair Photoshop Errors

Is your system displaying Scratch Disk full Error messages? Fix Photoshop File Errors now!!

Often it happens that when we try to open some PSD files our system displays various error messages. It is very disheartening and painful to see that our important files gets locked up and damaged. Most of the time we get error message only when a particular file or folder is damaged. This is more frustrating for professionals who work daily on Photoshop. If you are dealing with different errors such as Error6, Error 22, Error 16 or Scratch Disk Full Error, than you have landed on the right page. This page gives you ultimate solutions for all type of wired error messages. Users no longer have to be panic stricken as this Photoshop repair toolbox provides the ultimate solution to overcome any type of PSD errors and proves to be the best Photoshop error repair tool.

What is Photoshop Scratch Disk?

Photoshop Scratch Disk is nothing but your hard drive. Adobe Photoshop uses your system’s HDD as temporary swap space or virtual memory in case your machine does not have enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to perform an operation. From Photoshop Preference you can add multiple scratch disks.

When do you get Scratch Disk Errors? Reason behind Scratch Disk Error Messages:

If you improperly shut down your Photoshop or your Photoshop crashes down in middle of a session, your workflow gets disturbed. This generally leaves behind large temporary files on your Scratch disk. In order to prevent such error message, it is safer to delete the files from the scratch. To overcome such errors you need to deleted Photoshop temp files, clear some disk space or run a disk defragment utility.

Error 6 is displayed on your screen when your Photoshop License gets expired. Error 16 is displayed on the monitor’s screen when you have successfully installed your Photoshop CS6 edition, and try launching it. At that particular moment, you get a Configuration Error. All you need to do is uninstall and reinstall the product again. Now repairing damaged .psd file will no longer be a matter of concern to the user as you have the most proficient Photoshop error repair tool to fix Photoshop file errors.

Scenarios that causes error to pop up while using Photoshop:

Error when saving to SBM mount: Many of the users have reported this issue while trying to save files to the network from Photoshop. When Users try to save a PSD document onto a mounted SMB Point, they often fail to save the file because of program error or write access was not granted.

Disk Error Message: Disk error Message is seen when users use Photoshop Elements, like when users try to save all their PSD works on their hard disks. Later when they try to open the files, it displays an error message as the disk refuses to open. This PSD repair program can even help users come out of terrible disk error messages.

File Modification: User often gets an error message after they modify a file’s metadata in Windows Vista. Let us consider another Scenario:
We know, a digital camera uses the Adobe RGB color space to capture a photograph as a .jpg image file. When users transfer the .jpg file to their system that is running Windows Vista. In Windows Explorer, they modify the file's metadata. For example, the star rating of the file is changed by the user, under this condition when user tries to open the file in Photoshop; an error message pops up displaying ICC profile description is Invalid.

Power Surge: You might have come across a scenario when your workflow gets distracted because your computer freezes suddenly. While working on your important project, you may sometime go unnoticed that your system is running with low battery.

Precautionary Steps:

It is healthy to keep your scratch disk empty to avoid disk full errors. It is also advised to follow a proper file modification method. Stop using your machine upon noticing a crashed psd file, which will prevent overwriting situations. Make use of a genuine tool that can help to perform Photoshop CS6 photo repair along with all other versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Advantages Features of this Software:

  • This utility also proves to be the best tool to fix Photoshop CS3 on Windows Operating System.
  • Sofware uses advanced technology to fix corrupted .psd file, this will never modify  the original file. It helps to repair broken Photoshop file withinlot of ease.
  • You can easily repair PDD files along with  PSD image files with depth of 1, 8, 16, 32 bits per channel.
  • It is extremely smart in fixing damaged Photoshop file due to network issues, software conflict, system crash and bad sectors.

Note: Are you looking for PSD header repair Tool for fixing errors of PSD header file corruption, then make use of repair Photoshop software as it helps you in repairing header file corrupt 

Guideline to use Photoshop error repair tool:

First, you will have to download and install PSD file repair application. Then log in as Local System Administrator into your Windows PC.

Second, in the next window you can use browse button to select any particular PSD file that needs to be repaired. then choose Repair option in order to fix Photoshop file errors.

Photoshop Error Repair Tool - Main Screen

Third, new window will get displayed,which will show  the file repairing process

Photoshop Error Repair Tool - Repaired Photoshop Files

Fourth, after finishing the repairing process, you also have the option to preview the repaired file in  a new window and if satisfied,, choose a destination to save the repaired file.

Photoshop Error Repair Tool - Save