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Software to Remove Duplicate Photos


If you are witnessing a situation where your system is having duplicate photos galore and posing problem for you then do not panic. You have come to right place here you can find out answer to question like how to delete duplicate photos from storage device.  If there are many duplicate files on your computer then it creates a lot of problem such as it will waste memory space of your hard drive, slow down speed of your system and many more. Thus, you need to make use of a tool which can easily find out duplicate photos in just simple clicks of mouse. Remo MORE is a tool which is known for its superb performance that can come handy to delete duplicate photos.

Generally duplicate photos get created when you save the same image twice in same folders or different folders. Apart from this, if you download photos from internet then chances are quite high that you might download same photo multiple times on your hard drive.

If you are finding that your system is having too many photos on it and wasting storage drive memory as well as making your system work slow then do not worry, you can sort out this problem by making use of duplicate photo finder tool. There are many applications that are designed with aim to find and delete duplicate photos.  But, Remo MORE is one of the best tools which has unique features and built on the top of a highly effective algorithm developed by veteran software industry experts.

It is recommended by highly qualified software professional and has a very easy and attractive suite which makes it easy to operate.  It is well known for its safest and quickest performance. Remo MORE gives you a complete list of duplicate photos present on your system from which you can easily decide which images need to be deleted.  This application does not only support detection of duplicate photos but can also find and deleted duplicate files from your system. You can customize this tool to search a specific type of files by using it’s customize search feature.  You can browse and locate folder, from which you want to find duplicate photos. MORE is free of cost and it can be downloaded from internet within couple of seconds.

If you are in search of such type of tool then do not hesitate just make use of our Remo MORE for superb performance.  It has become a buzz word in the software industry and first choice of users. It is reliable and can be used for both Mac as well as Windows. You can also use this tool to delete duplicate photos from different types of external storage device.

Steps to delete duplicate Photos:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE and launch it then select Optimize option from main screen and then Remove Duplicate option as shown in figure 1.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos - Remove Duplicates

Figure 1: Remove Duplicates

Step 2: Now, from this screen choose Find Duplicate – Folder option and then upcoming window select Add Folder to locate the folder from which you want to find out duplicate photos as shown in figure 2.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos - Select Add Folders

Figure 2: Select Add Folders

Step 3: Now from this screen select Image check box and click on Scan button after this Remo MORE will start scanning folder as shown in the below figure.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos - Scanning Folder

Figure 3: Scanning Folder

Step 4: Once the recovery is done you will get a complete list of photos that are present in that folder as shown in figure and can easily delete duplicate image from this screen shots.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos - List of Duplicate Photos

Figure4: List of Duplicate Photos